Sunday, February 4, 2007

Daytipper: Welcome to Daytipper

Daytipper: Welcome to Daytipper

This site pays $3.00 for short tips on how to do things. Topics they are looking for include, cooking, employment, family, pets, and just about anything else you can think of.

By short I mean really short, 500 charchters or less; That is about 100 words. The tips need to be useful and well written. according to statistics on their site, they reject a little over half of what they receive.

I wrote a short tip on how to get free paperback books and it was accepted.

Give it a try.

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legbamel said...

The site accepted your tip, but did it ever pay you? I read a long discussion on this guy (one person, from what I understand) and there are people who are months out and still haven't gotten their $3. In some cases they posted 6 or 10 tips, were accepted, and never got paid. The site used to have every tip submitted accessible as well but that's been changed, unless you know the tip number. You might want to do (and post) some follow-up on this one.