Friday, February 9, 2007

Best Paid Survey Sites

The trouble with sites that advertise paid surveys is that they want you to pay them something. About 99.9 percent of survey sites are ripoffs. Who hasn't seen the "Win a 500 gift certificate from Wal-Mart" survey? Where you have to signup for endless offers and then at the end find you are required to buy something.

Real survey companies, ones that conduct actual market research do exist and do pay cash. You aren't likely to make tons of money off any one, but by signing up for several you can easily make between $25-$150 a month. At least that has been my experience. I've seen people claim to make a lot more than that.

Below are five companies that I have been doing surveyss with for several months. I have received a check or paypal deposit at least once from everyone, so I know they are legitimate.

Hint: To qualify for more surveys make sure you feel out all the profile questions and surveys after registering.

Survey Savvy
Generally has the highest paying surveys; I've been paid $20.00 for a survey that took about half an hour to fill out.

American Consumer Opinion
I do one or two surveys a week from ACP. They generally pay between $4-$10. The nice thing is they send check within two weeks of every survey completed. There is no minimum and you don't have to worry about PayPay.

Opinion Outpost
Another good survey sight. Pays up to $5 per survey. Cashing out requires a minimum of $50 but they have frequent surveys; A diligent survey taker can hit the minimum fairly quickly. Be sure and fill out all the personal information surveys. You don't get paid for them, but by establishing a completer profile you will dramatically increase the number of surveys you qualify for.

Survey Spot
Has daily online surveys with most paying between $2 and $5 along with a chance to win instant prizes and entries into a quarterly $25,000 drawing. Best of all, the minimum cashout is only $5.

No legitimate survey company will ever charge you for a membership to take surveys. If you see such an offer run away.

How to increase profits from paid survey sites.
The key to making more money from surveys is obviously to fill out more surveys. Taking surveys can be time consuming, upto 45 minutes in some cases. Try to establish an hour a day to "work" your survey job. I find early in the morning is best for me, before everyone else is awake.

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