Thursday, May 10, 2007

Get Paid to Ask Questions

Ever wondered what the best way to get tomato stains off a white shirt? Why not ask readers at Not only will you get answers to your stain problem,you'll make a little money in the process.

FunAdvice is a Google Adsense revenue sharing site. After you register FunAdvice will display ads with under your adsense account on 40 percent of the page views to your questions. You probably won't get rich off of this, but spend thirty minutes writing good questions and you can make a few bucks a day.

I found that it takes a good day for the click throughs to start. I surmise this is how long it takes Google to index the question and responses and put the content correct ads on the page.

My best day on FunAdvice earned me $2.07. I've only posted about a dozen questions so that it isn't too bad a return on time. Asking questions based on popular keywords would probably up the number of clicks. Adding other users to your friends list will also increase traffic to your questions.

The one drawback to FunAdvice is that no promotional linking is allowed, so you can't drive people to your own blog.

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